Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yep that's me- the slacker...I have been in such a funk lately that I just can't get it in gear to get in shape. SO I continue to suffer from Jell-o booty syndrome that will not be cured without motivation and serious action. You know it's funny. I read the book Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl which was fantastic by the way, and Shauna (the author) was great. She put it all out there and went from like 300 lbs down to 160ish. Anyways I could see myself in some of the stories that she was telling. It makes me think that maybe I am just a fat girl stuck in a skinny girls body. Skinny-fat is what I call it, a slender body that looks great with clothes on! But take them off and I swear you are witnessing the Jell-o mold melting at the neighborhood barbecue. It's sad really 27 and melting...I have been better this week though. I went for a run and too the kids on a bike ride. I even swept out the garage one day so I could roll out the yoga mat to do crunches, etc. I have been doing leg lifts while the girls take their morning bath, but it's not enough. I am apparently taking in too many calories via rabbit food (I am allergic to dairy, potatoes, caffeine, most beans, and gluten) and alcohol (with all those allergies, this is the only vice I have left!) and the small amount of physical activity is not making a difference in the jiggle, yet. I still have some time to meet my goal though. Even though I am not seeing any progress, I am not seeing any decline either. I haven't gained any weight or inches. My jeans are still in need of therapy from all the squats I have to do to stretch out the butt every time I put them on, but they haven't ripped and they are still a size 4 so that's something right?! Oh how I long to update the progress chart....

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