Friday, March 4, 2011

The Plan

Today was a good start to finding my mojo and getting back on schedule. I did everything but workout by 8:30 this morning! (cleaned the house, vacuumed, mopped, dusted, laundry, dishes, etc and showered!, bathed the kids and made waffles for the munchkins for breakfast) lol. So I should have left the house at 8:30, but I didn't :( Actually, I have a good reason this time, I was watching a friends baby so she could get thing squared away for college, and then as soon as she left I put the kids down for their nap, and the day is done, figuratively speaking. The afternoon and evening are filled with guitar lessons and cub scouts. Maybe if it doesn't rain we will play kickball at scouts and that can count for my physical activity for the day, and then tomorrow I can jump on the get fit fast bandwagon.

Ya know I think it's funny that I see a lot of my friends update their facebook status with fitness accomplishments for the day, how long they spent at the gym, what they did, how fast their 5k time is, and I see them shrinking, toning, and all looking good, and I am so jealous, but at the same time too lazy to get off my fattening ass and do something about it.

Today felt good though. It has been months since I accomplished all those things on schedule, so there is hope! Hope is a good thing. I think even my pants are a little relieved today since I didn't hear the seams screaming for help when I squeezed into them today!

So here is the plan...
I will be following the fitness schedule I first posted on the right side of the page. I will get fit, and I will be happy and motivated about doing it. These are all things I enjoy doing, once I start. That's the kicker, starting. I am determined that by the time I am forced to put on shorts or a swimsuit this year, I will be comfortable doing it. For this, I need a timeline...
Originally, I wanted to run the Music City Half Marathon in April. That seems way too soon to be a reality, but with determination, it is a possibility. So let's keep that time frame.
By April 26 (8 weeks away), race day, I will be established into a workout routine, and well on my way to looking the bombshell part.
By Memorial Day (12 weeks away), which is also the day the pool opens up, I will be comfortable in that swimsuit!
By June 25 (16 weeks away), and the day we leave for Destin, the bombshell will be visible.
By August 30 (26 weeks away), my twins 2nd birthday, there will be no question, I will be the trophy wife!
Okay that's my goal, and the plan, with baby steps! I can do this.!

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